5 de mar de 2011

Legend #3: Paul McCartney died on 1966 (translated)

Rock is plenty of tales about dead ones that didn’t die and live ones that already died. About 60s, The Beatles were the biggest band of the world and made much success as richness, not even for themselves, but for everyone that rules on backstages: managers, producers and records.

Too many tell that the beatle, Paul McCartney, was dead on a car crash at 1966. As the band was wildly rising and would make more and more profit, the managers convince the members that would be better if they replace him by a double. Apparently almost all Beatles accept, but John Lenon, that would to make signs telling that Paul was no longer present, including elements that would be clues on album covers or even the songs. The double and Paul had little differences that would be used as source of clues.

The cover of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) is considered one of biggest evidence. They believe that it represents Paul’s funeral, with all flowers and too many famous “guests”. A left-handed guitar made of yellow flowers indicates who funeral was (Paul was left-handed). The name of the band it written “Beatles” instead of “The Beatles”, because the meant that the band “The Beatles” no longer existed, but actually another band. There’s a image of Kali, a indian goddess of death, indicating that was really about someone’s funeral. There are too many other evidences yet, fell free to look at them.

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Another disc cover that indicates the dark history is Abbey Road (1969). It represents the funeral march of the Beatles. John is wearing white, color of mourning in hindy religion. The VW Beetle is parked against the traffic, as it hit Paul. Its license plate has written “28 IF”, that wold be Paul’s age about that year if he was not dead. Besides, the double is the only one marching with different foot ahead and he isn’t wearing any shoes.

Abbey Road

Well, that’s the evidences, but the mystery remains: is the Paul McCartney we see today a double? We shall never know…

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